Mr. Felix Chatellier was a business owner and a client of the French bank BNP for their advisory and financing services. On July 8th 1993, he contracted a 3 months personnal loan of 5 millions French francs (762,245 €) with BNP to finance one of its failing company Rouquey Textile. In late 1995, the companies controlled by the applicant started to file for bankruptcy. In 1997, all of his companies were liquidated.

On November 25th 2004, BNP-Paribas filed a civil lawsuit at the Bordeaux county court to recover the loan made in 1993. On April 6th 2006, the applicant was condemned with provisional execution to pay 625,654.10€ with interest to BNP-Paribas. On May 23th 2006, the applicant appealed the judgment. On March 7th 2007, his appeal was dismissed (art. L526 of the civil procedure) due to his lack of execution of the judgment of  first instance. He argued to no avail that he didn’t have the financial resources to do so.

On August 6th 2007, the applicant filed his case with the E.C.H.R arguing a violation of article 6-1 of the Convention. The applicant is represented by Me Olivier Hillel. On September 7th 2009, the case was communicated to the agent of the French governement.

Update :

On March 31th 2011, the Court condemned the French Republic to pay to the applicant 15,000€ of damages for violation of article 6-1 and 5,980 € for the legal fees.