On March 7th 2004, Mr. Michel Malon was arrested following his deportation from the Dominican Republic. On March 11th 2004, he was charged for complicity to murder and placed in detention at the local jail of Luynes pending investigation.

On August 5th 2008, the request to be release of the applicant of July 21th 2008 was rejected by the investigation court. On September 26th 2008, the applicant was acquitted of complicity to murder. He was released from the local jail of Luynes the same night. The district attorney appealed his acquittal and a new trial will be taken place in November 2010.

On September 2th 2009, his lawyer was notified that his appeal of the investigation court ruling was rejected by the supreme court (Cour de cassation).

On March 1st 2010, the applicant filed an application with the E.C.H.R (See below) arguing that his detention of 4 years and 6 months pending investigation and awaiting trial was a violation of article 5-3 of the Convention. On June 21th 2010, the application was communicated to the agent for the French governement with questions to be answered before September 15th 2010. The agent was granted an extension up to November  20th 2010 to answer. The applicant is represented by Me Bruno Rebstock.

In March 2010, a report was published by the controller general of detention facilities (the national preventive mechanism of OPCAT) on his visit of the local jail of Luynes in January 2009.

Update :

On February 15th 2011, the Court forced the applicant to accept the proposal of French government of €4,000 to settle the case and strike out the case. The settlement awards the applicant €2,47 per day of detention.